10 Most Relevant Trends On Brand-Building For The Future (Brief)

My thoughts in response to a question posed on Quora. Social responsibility Building via social media Co-creating the brand with your audience Protecting the trademark Disintermediating retail Entrepreneurship from home Small business communities of interest helping one another with the brand Integrating personal politics with buying behavior Using your brand as a vote for a […]

Three Ways Discredited Brands Remain Durable

“The value of a brand…is ultimately determined by consumers’ perception.” – Investopedia Coco Chanel (1883-1971) was a Jew-hating Nazi collaborator. Yet in May 2016 Forbes ranked her namesake company, Chanel, #80 among the world’s most valuable brands, with a net worth of $7.2 billion. The company is privately owned, by the Jewish grandsons of Chanel’s […]

in memory of {poem}

i cannot remember what …the thought trails off. she is spooning oatmeal into my mouth now. the cold metal of the spoon against my lips warm soupy distasteful i cannot remember what… when i was younger yes there was a time. believe it and i looked out the window and waited for something to arrive. […]

The Two Faces of Donald Trump

It is very common for abusive people to compartmentalize themselves. Last night there was a story on Quora about “the weirdest classmate you ever had.” Someone wrote about going to school with a classmate who was brutal and sadistic because his father sexually abused him. The father was discovered online to be a pedophile. Yet […]

Why Halacha Still Matters

Photo by Sharyn Morrow via Flickr (Creative Commons) I still remember my Zayde’s (z”l) voice, how he never raised it even to the level that most of us would consider normal talking. Yet he was not a soft-spoken man either, because his words were words of steel. Zayde understood that I was not like other […]

Communicating To The Truth Instinct

On November 17, 2015 the Department of Defense issued an update to its Joint Publication 3-61, Public Affairs, the second update since its original issuance in 2005. (Unlike the civil service, which operates without a shared set of standards for public affairs, the military has developed clear and concise guidance about how this vital function […]